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Bill Baird ~ Summer is Gone
(Version 18:17 23.02.2020)


Bill Baird ~ Summer is Gone
(Version 18:17 23.02.2020)


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18:17 23.02.2020.
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Time changes everything.

"Summer is Gone" is a 10 track album I've created, my attempt at putting into musical form the aching feeling of memory. Of time bending in the best moments of our lives. Those fleeting moments of freedom you feel when you're surrounded by the ones you love to be of course followed by life's inevitable disappointments and failures. They culminate in the psychological death and rebirth we all must experience, over and over again, if we are to fully embrace life.

I say this album is an 'attempt' because conveying all this is an unreachable goal of course. I know that. But it's the reaching that interests me. Material of this nature is painful for me and probably any artist, unless they're a showboat, and then the 'reaching' probably isn't so sincere.

I feel exposed. To talk about what feels real. It's a risk. But it's the only way to make music that's not stale the second it gets released. Go towards the pain, go where it hurts. Run towards your fear. Be brave and 'go there' and distill your discoveries into music.

Sometimes it's disco, sometimes it's noise, sometimes it's folk music. In this case, it's baroque symphonic pop, ambient clouds, and sound collage.

What did I find in the writing and recording of this album? The same old facts, honestly. The same things every sentient, sensitive human probably already knows: life is short. Time is flexible. The best moments of our lives pass in a blur. Music can transport us in an instant to the best moments of our lives. You have to die and be reborn and let go of the past and treasure the ones you love.

By the time we perceive something, it has already happened. Indeed, everything we see and hear and experience has already passed. There is only the present moment, and yet, there isn't a present moment; everything is already a memory.

These meditations on time and loss, on death and rebirth and finding meaning in a "now" that continually slips through our fingers... this website we've created is my exploration of all that.

I personally mixed 250 mixes of these tracks to curate the whole thing. Every decision was intentional. Every accident was my own. The website is a set of "turning gears" that endlessly changes sequence. Every hour, a new sequence, never to be repeated in our lifetimes or approximately 1.5 Billion years before the first iteration repeats itself.

This is hopefully form reflecting content -- I wanted to present the songs in a way that embedded the aforementioned ideas -- the fleeting nature of time, the beauty of memory, the un-replaceable "now" that we all inhabit -- and used these ideas themselves as the architecture. Instead of merely being songs about memory and rebirth, the sequence is continually changing, continually renewing itself, and the sequence you heard yesterday is not the same one you will hear today.

It is an unrepeatable _moment.
It is an unrepeatable mo_ment.
It is an unrepeatable mo_men_t.